Custom Inlaid
Entrance Mats

ACE Rubber Products' solid rubber, Custom Inlaid Mats reflect the excellent workmanship acquired from years of rubber manufacturing experience.

We have been committed to manufacturing excellence since 1912.

ACE rubber mats project a high-quality image and welcome visitors to some of the world's most prestigious establishments.

Top-Quality Rubber

Using the highest quality ingredients available, ACE Rubber Products compounds it's own rubber stock to produce their mats. Special rubber formulations ensure ACE Rubber Products' mats provide years of trouble-free use.

Our company expects and maintains quality. In every respect!

Solid Rubber Designs

Logos, trademarks, designs, etc., are precisely hand-cut into solid rubber matting by skilled ACE Rubber Products craftsmen. Personalized designs are handcrafted from rubber stock in specified colors, inlaid into the basic mat, and cured to form ONE SOLID UNIT of rubber.

The ACE way assures long-lasting legibility and gives a new-look impression for years.

Special Features

ACE Rubber Products' custom inlaid entrance mats are constructed with a molded PYRAMID TOP and KNOB BACK to make water drainage fast and cleaning easy. The Pyramid Top provides non-slip protection for traffic in all directions.

In addition to quick drainage, the Knob Back permits air circulation for fast drying. A combination of these features built-in to every ACE Rubber Products mat, along with the solid rubber construction, offers an added anti-fatigue benefit to walk-on traffic.

Pyramid Top mats are available with a FLAT BACK for recessed mat installation when needed.